I am incredibly thrilled and excited to interview the world-famous animal trainer, television producer, zoologist and enterntainer Mr Dave Salmoni.

Dave Salmoni (born September 4, 1975) is an animal trainer, entertainer and television producer. He has his own production company, Triosphere, which is based in South Africa and specializes in wildlife films.

He has hosted and produced several television documentaries, including Living with Tigers, which describes the progress he and John Varty made as part of a controversial Bengal Tiger rewilding project, Into the Lion’s Den and Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?, both for Discovery Channel. He starred in the show Animal Face-Off as a host and expert. He currently hosts and produces the Discovery Channel show Rogue Nature, as well as After the Attack and Into the Pride on Animal Planet.

Salmoni has been criticized by credentialed research biologists for his theatrics in an effort to make more entertaining television at the expense of wild lions. His antics have drawn much concern from the scientific community including the leading big cat conservationists affiliated with notable organizations like Panthera Corporation and the Wildlife Conservation Society. There is much sentiment that he is impeding conservation efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and conveys the wrong message about the human-cat interface to viewers in regard to safety, animal behavior and conservation.

Salmoni started production of a short series named Deadly Islands which premiered in 2014. This series consisted of Salmoni visiting some of the world’s most remote islands where he would live side by side with some of the fiercest predators on the planet. During the short series he investigates how the inhabitants of these islands have lived so well and strived to survive despite of the very harsh conditions. He visits places such as the famous Bear Island, Shark Island and Devil’s Island, risking his own safety and even putting himself up as bait in one episode.

He also hosted Expedition Impossible, a Mark Burnett show on ABC in 2011.

TV Shows
Salmoni appears in the following TV shows: Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2014-2020), Into the Lion’s Den (2004), Sharks: Are They Hunting Us? (2006), Shark Tribe (2007), Rogue Nature (2007), After the Attack (2008), Into the Pride (2009), The Fran Drescher Show (2010), Savaged with Dave Salmoni (2010), Expedition Impossible (2011), Great Animal Escapes (2011), Deadly Islands (2014), Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand (2015), Pet Nation Renovation (2016-2017), Game of Homes (2016), and The Wendy Williams Show (2018), Big, Small & Deadly (2019)

Into the wild with Mr Dave Salmoni!


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