“Africa is my heartbeat, my soul, a place that makes my heart grow young” – Lelanie Cajiao

It’s hard to put into words the incredible wonder that is Africa; her majesty and wildness, her patchwork of proud people and dazzling abundance of untamed creatures. Africa is a joy that simply has to be experienced first hand to be understood and appreciated – and changes forever those who are lucky enough to do so.

But I will try. Africa has been part of me since I drew my first breath, and I part of her. From my earliest memories of running barefoot on the storm-washed soil of our family farm in Limpopo Province and playing with our pet warthogs. Growing up surrounded by the call of the lions, hippos and hyenas, breathing in the intoxicating smell of the potato bush, playing hide and seek among the fever trees, before – exhausted and exhilarated – gazing in awe at yet another magnificent African sunset.

Africa is the very essence of me, and the intense passion I have for this ancient continent was recognised early on by my mother and deepened by her tireless teaching of all she knew of Africa’s countless wildlife.

It was inevitable then that I would soon find myself as a field guide in the Kruger National Park, learning even more and experiencing constant wonder, every day’s experience unique to the one before. I am sincerely looking forward to sharing my memorable experiences as a field guide with all of you. I have most definitely experienced adrenalin filled, exciting and life changing encounters with Africa’s untamed beasts..

From these awe-inspiring experiences came an overwhelming desire to share them with others, and a dream formed of creating a company that would mirror my own deep passion for Africa and all her creatures. A dream that became a reality when I established Nalah Africa Bespoke Safaris.

I’m an avid nature lover, public speaker, mother, conservationist and a child of Africa. I carefully create, crafts and curates safaris and exclusive African experiences that leave my clients spellbound by the continent’s generous spirit, peace and beauty, and delighted by its warmth, friendliness and the gentle luxury of life ‘on safari’.

As Africa is part of my very being, so too is Nalah Africa Safaris a true reflection of my own passion and commitment: to the continent and its animals, to providing the highest quality experiences, to excellence in service, and, most importantly, to the absolute satisfaction and enjoyment of my clients.

I am thrilled and excited to share Africa with all……

Safari Regards


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